About us

We advise the Secretary of State for International Trade on UK Export Finance’s operations.

We also advise ministers on the operations of UK Export Finance.

Our responsibilities

The Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC) is a statutory body that provides advice to UK Export Finance and its ministers on the policies UK Export Finance applies when doing business including:

Ministers have a statutory duty to consult EGAC on matters related to the provision of reinsurance by UK Export Finance to the private credit insurance market.

The council doesn’t provide advice on decisions UK Export Finance makes to support individual export transactions and projects, although it does carry out reviews to understand how UK Export Finance’s principles and policies are applied in practice. As appropriate, it also gives advice on how these might be further developed.

Our priorities

Our main function is to provide advice on UK Export Finance’s work, so our priorities reflect the work UK Export Finance has set out for the year.

Who we are

The council has 8 members, each representing a separate area of expertise. The members come from industry, government and academia, and are appointed by UK Export Finance’s ministers.

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