Our energy use

We publish information on how much energy our headquarters uses, as part of efforts to make government operations and spending more transparent.

About Eland House

Our headquarters building, Eland House, is in Victoria, London. It was built in 1995 and has a net internal area of 23,000 m2, with 10 floors plus a basement. The building houses approximately 2,000 staff and includes a large kitchen/cafeteria. Comfort cooling is provided by chilled beams and heating by traditional gas fired boilers.


We collect information about our energy use from our main utility meters (electricity, gas and water) at the end of each day. The continual capture of data allows us to monitor how much energy and water we are using each day, week, month etc.

Real-time energy use

To see government departments’ energy data, visit the energy monitoring microsite at data.gov.uk. You can also view the energy use of Eland House from the Schneider Electric website. For more information see DCLG performance on green government commitments 2011 to 2012 under ‘Real-time data’.


We are happy to respond to any questions you have about our energy data and carbon reduction work. Please email sustainableoperations@communities.gsi.gov.uk.