About us

What we do

We provide independent advice to the Secretary of State for defence on science, technology, engineering, analysis and mathematics matters.

Who we are

We are an independent advisory council with a chairman, vice chairman and 8 independent council members.


We are responsible for providing advice on the following:

  • challenge and logical analysis of topics of importance to the Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • advice on the balance, strength and appropriateness of the MOD’s investment in research and development and the department’s wider science, technology, engineering, analysis and mathematics (STEAM) activities
  • support to strengthen MOD’s ability to identify and manage risk across its business
  • advice and support on MOD business including broad strategic issues, priorities and policy where scientific principles are or should be applied.
  • advice and support to the MOD in identifying:
    • STEAM risk, emerging threats and opportunities
    • alternative ways of achieving military capability benefit
    • emerging innovation opportunities, critical research, technologies and capabilities
  • access to extensive external STEAM networks including international partners where appropriate


Our priorities change with the demands of Ministry of Defence (MOD) and defence issues.

We aim to give the best available independent advice on how well projects are meeting military needs in:

  • the direction, content and exploitation of research
  • the best use of STEAM resources within the MOD
  • operational and strategic issues
  • external developments, opportunities and threats

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