About us

We are a trusted MOD and industry partner with a highly professional team that aims to provide benchmark support services as the principal in-house government organisation dedicated to maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade and procurement in the defence avionics, electronics and components field.


We are responsible for:

  • assuring MOD’s UK on-shore access to electronic and component maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade and procurement capability/services
  • developing and growing profitable business streams through the supply of defence electronics and components products and services
  • focusing on supporting the UK’s armed forces by maintaining and developing the skills needed to ensure delivery to our customers on the front-line
  • securing best value in our services for the British taxpayer


From 2015 to 2016 our priorities are to:

  • operate effectively and efficiently as a standalone MOD Executive Agency to sustain the DECA business and provide a reasonable return to MOD
  • provide lean, agile and flexible responses to support MOD’s current and evolving operational requirements throughout the UK, overseas and in-theatre
  • develop and expand capability and capacity to meet the evolving needs of UK’s armed forces
  • achieve cost reductions and savings to defence through efficiencies, productivity improvements and improved delivery across all areas of the business
  • support a ‘business excellence’ culture focussed on airworthiness, quality, safety and environmental performance
  • continually strive to be a highly professional team delivering benchmark services to defence and industry customers;
  • expand into other markets and work in partnership with industry to be recognised as a proactive leading supplier in the international defence electronics and components community

Who we are

As a ‘trading’ Executive Agency of MOD, DECA is run along commercial lines with funding for DECA’s activities being generated entirely by payments for delivery of services provided to its MOD and private sector customers. Over 40% of DECA volume comes from commercially sourced revenues.

DECA currently has an annual turnover of circa £25 million and employs approximately 430 staff across its Sealand Head Office and Main Operating Centre in North Wales, a site in Stafford and various deployed locations across the UK.

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