About us

The Criminal Procedure Rules govern the way criminal cases are managed, and set out the processes of the criminal courts.

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for:

  • making new Criminal Procedure Rules
  • simplifying the existing rules
  • discussing our decisions with the most appropriate people before our decisions are finalised

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • make the criminal justice system as accessible, fair and efficient as possible
  • ensure that the rules are simply worded and easy to understand


The Criminal Procedure Rule Committee consists of the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and 17 people appointed by the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor under section 70 of the Courts Act 2003.

The Lord Chief Justice is The Rt Hon. Lord Burnett of Maldon. The other members of the Committee are:

Member Capacity Term of office ends on/to be reviewed by
The Rt Hon Sir Brian Leveson, President of the Queen's Bench Division (deputy chairman)
Court of Appeal judge 31 Aug 2019
The Hon. Mr Justice William Davis High Court judge 31 Aug 2021
The Hon. Mr Justice Haddon-Cave High Court judge 31 Aug 2021
His Honour Judge Martin Edmunds QC Circuit judge 31 Aug 2018
His Honour Judge Martin Picton Circuit judge 31 Aug 2020
Michael Snow District judge (magistrates' courts) 31 Aug 2020
Louise Bryant Magistrate 31 Aug 2019
Siân Jones Justices' clerk 31 Aug 2018
Melissa Case and Nicola Hewer Lord Chancellor's nominee 31 Aug 2019
Alison Saunders, CB Director of Public Prosecutions ex officio (by right of office)
Alison Pople QC
Barrister 31 Aug 2020
Nathaniel Rudolf Barrister 31 Aug 2019
Shade Abiodun Solicitor 31 Aug 2021
Paul Harris Solicitor 31 Aug 2019
Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave National Police Chiefs’ Council 31 Aug 2021
David Kenyon Voluntary organisation (Supporting Justice) 31 Aug 2020
Jodie Blackstock Voluntary organisation (Criminal Justice Alliance) 31 Aug 2020