Members of the Copyright Tribunal panel, and terms of reference for appointments.

The tribunal consists of a panel of 1 chairman and 2 deputy chairmen who are appointed by the Lord Chancellor. Up to 8 ordinary lay members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The provisions covering the membership and constitution of the tribunal are set out in Sections 145 to 148 of the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.


Current members of the panel are:

  • His Honour Judge Hacon, Chairman
  • Colleen Keck, Deputy Chairman
  • Andrew Clay, Deputy Chairman
  • Philip Eve
  • Manny Lewis
  • Michael Crewe
  • Mary Halton
  • Christine Jackson
  • Michael Kaltz
  • Ian Whitlock

Terms and conditions of appointment for ordinary members

Fixed 5 year term which is non-renewable subject to earlier termination in accordance with the grounds for removal listed below.


There are 6 grounds for removal from appointment:

  • misbehaviour
  • incapacity
  • bankruptcy
  • persistent failure to comply with sitting requirements (without good reason)
  • failure to comply with training requirements
  • sustained failure to observe the standards reasonably expected from a holder of such office

Sitting days required

Due to the nature of the workload of this tribunal, no guarantee will be given on the number of sitting days that will be offered to post-holders. However, the allocation of work is a judicial function and, subject to overriding operational requirements, all post-holders will be offered work on the same basis.

Administrative support

The tribunal is administered by a secretary, who is a civil servant working in the Intellectual Property Office. However, the secretary plays no part in the decision making process and the tribunal carries out its work and comes to its decisions completely independently of the office or any other part of government.

The secretary acts as a formal channel of communication for the tribunal and all correspondence should be addressed to the secretary.

The Secretary
Copyright Tribunal
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