About us

The Project Delivery Profession is an informal network for civil servants who work in, or are involved with, projects.

The Project Delivery Profession is one of the Civil Service Professions. ‘Project delivery’ is an umbrella term covering the support, management, and leadership of projects, programmes, and corporate delivery portfolios.

This profession is a key enabler of successful implementation of Government policy, and of organisational change in the public sector.

Who can join

Project delivery is relevant to everybody, from administrators to senior civil servants. You can join at the beginning of your career, or mid-career from another profession. In fact, many people in the Project Delivery Profession have more than one professional affiliation, e.g. IT Project Managers.

If you’re working in a project or programme delivery environment, at any grade, you should consider becoming a member of the Project Delivery Profession. It’s a relatively new profession that is rapidly and constantly progressing, and has plenty of good practice you can use to structure your development.

Career opportunities and professional development

A project delivery curriculum can be found on the project delivery website on Civil Service Learning (CSL) and blends work-based, online and classroom learning in line with best practice from top performing public and private sector organisations.