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What we do

We support civil servants who run the front line services that citizens use, such as processing visas, passports and driving licences.

Who we are

We’re an informal network for civil servants involved in front line services for citizens.

The Operational Delivery Profession is one of the Civil Service Professions. The profession is the largest in government and our work supports staff in tax and benefit offices, job centres, courts and prisons across the UK, and many working in consular offices abroad.

Our priorities

In 2013 to 2014 our priorities are to:

  • work towards operational delivery becoming the career of choice for the most talented civil servants
  • invest in and improve on our professional learning offer, targeting where appropriate the priority skills gaps (commercial, digital, project management) identified by Civil Service Reform
  • support people to gain transferable skills that are recognised and respected across the Civil Service and the wider economy
  • give recognition to and share the successes of people within the profession
  • continue to embed the profession
  • evaluate and improve on what we have done

Career opportunities and professional development

On the Operational Delivery Profession website on Civil Service Learning, you can engage with your professional community and find out about the learning, qualifications and opportunities available for you to develop your skills and help your career take off.

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