About us

The Civil Service Human Resources profession is building a strong HR community with a reputation for high performance and good professional development.

Civil Service Human Resources (CSHR) is one of the Civil Service professions. It consists of a number of different expert services, including the Government Recruitment Service, CS Learning, CS Employee Policy, and CSHR Operations.

Career opportunities and professional development

On the Civil Service HR profession area of the Civil Service Learning website, you can engage with your professional community and find out about all the learning, qualifications and opportunities available to help you develop your skills.

Strong HR capability is fundamental to the Civil Service’s ability to deliver major changes in the way departments operate and civil servants work.

HR development offer

We offer a variety of development experiences, such as training, talent programmes and opportunities gained outside of the HR function. These build the right range of skills and capabilities that we need across all areas of the HR profession.

We work closely with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). HR colleagues can work toward internationally recognised CIPD qualifications. The 3 levels of CIPD membership (Chartered Fellow, Chartered Member and Associate) recognise the professionalism of people at different stages of their careers.