Complaints procedure

Complain about the Civil Nuclear Constabulary's service, staff or police officers.

Complain about the CNC’s service or staff

Fill in a CNC complaint form (PDF, 23.6KB, 1 page) and send it to:

Professional Standards Department
Civil Nuclear Constabulary
Culham Science Centre
OX14 3DB

Complain about a police officer in the CNC

If you want to make a complaint about a police officer in the CNC you can:

Further help with making a complaint

Visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau who will tell you if you’ve got grounds for a complaint. They can also help you to make the complaint.

Your solicitor or local law centre can advise you or help you make a complaint.

If your complaint might be about a racial incident, you can contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Misconduct hearings

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary will publish information about public misconduct or special case hearings here. Both procedures deal with allegations of gross misconduct.

All misconduct or special case hearings should be held in public to improve transparency and accountability and to ensure public confidence. There may be circumstances when it will be necessary and appropriate for all or parts of the proceedings to be held in private. In such cases notice giving reasons will be provided to the public.

Misconduct hearings are heard by a panel of three, most typically a legally qualified Chair, assisted by an officer of superintendent rank and an independent lay-person. The facts will be heard by the panel, often with the assistance of live witnesses to enable the panel to make a determination.

Special case hearings are heard by the Chief Constable, who will consider the evidence available from reports and documentary evidence. Witnesses do not normally attend special case hearings.

In cases where the officer has been found to have committed gross misconduct under either process, the sanctions available are:

  • dismissal without notice
  • dismissal with notice
  • final written warning
  • written warning
  • management advice

The public will be given a minimum of five working notice of any forthcoming misconduct or special case hearing. Please note the following:

  • anyone not preregistered will not be admitted
  • anyone attending must arrive a minimum of one hour of the stated time with appropriate formal photographic identification
  • audio and video recordings are not permitted
  • the use of live, text based communications for the purpose of simultaneous reporting will only be permitted if the person chairing or conducting proceedings is satisfied that it does not interfere with the orderly conduct of the proceedings
  • any behaviour deemed to interfere or likely to interfere with proceedings will lead to exclusion from the hearing
  • animals, with the exclusion of guide/assistance dogs are not permitted in the hearing room
  • there is limited visitor parking available
  • catering facilities are available at the individual’s expense