About us

We’re a new digital technology company which has been set up to provide specialist digital technology services to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The services we provide together are transforming digital experiences of millions of people as they look for work, deal with illness or disability, support children after separation, or plan for retirement.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’re achieving; providing digital technology services to DWP.

Operating on a scale unrivalled almost anywhere, our people use their expertise, diversity and passion to create effortless, secure and intuitive digital services.

In return, we offer our people the chance to think big, try new ways of working and use their expertise to deliver change on a massive scale.

We already employ hundreds of digital, data and technology specialists. Our experts include:

  • technical architects
  • infrastructure engineers
  • software and testing engineers
  • agile delivery managers
  • business analysts
  • database analysts
  • IT service managers

We’ve big plans in store as we expand the range and scale of services we offer and the number of specialists we employ.

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