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  1. Biometrics Commissioner’s response to the Home Office Biometrics Strategy
  2. Biometrics Commissioner: annual report 2017
  3. Biometrics Commissioner’s fourth annual report 2017

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What the Biometrics Commissioner does

The Biometrics Commissioner is independent of government. His role is to keep under review the retention and use by the police of DNA samples, DNA profiles and fingerprints.

Biometrics Commissioner works with the Home Office.

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  1. Biometrics Commissioner: annual report 2017
  2. Biometrics Commissioner: annual report 2016
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Our management

Professor Paul Wiles
Commissioner for the Retention and Use of Biometric Material

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Office of the Biometrics Commissioner
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United Kingdom


020 7035 5156

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All press enquiries should be made to Justin Hawkins

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