About our services

This charter sets out our commitment and the standards of service the Academy for Social Justice aims to provide.


The Academy for Social Justice is a networked community of people focussed on inspiring change to improve public services, civil society and help people thrive

The Academy for Social Justice seeks to identify and promote excellence in social justice services. By setting standards and raising commissioner capability we will support the transformation of social justice services to deliver best value and enable improved effectiveness and increased public confidence in public services.

Academy objectives

The academy’s objectives are to:

  • strengthen the reputation of social justice services by driving up standards and increasing value for money
  • identify and share good practice in public service commissioning
  • enable professional development amongst commissioners through providing learning and development opportunities
  • seek to provide a challenging learning environment by actively encouraging networking and debate
  • provide easy access to best practice through effective commissioning knowledge management
  • sponsor and stimulate relevant research
  • strengthen links with other commissioning stakeholders through active networking, collaboration and partnership working


The executive group and the academy are committed to:

  • being professional, courteous and helpful
  • being approachable, open and accountable
  • being inclusive and sensitive to specific needs
  • seeking views and acting accordingly
  • providing appropriate challenge
  • providing clear and accurate information in easy to understand language
  • being responsive to member enquiries
  • striving to continuously improve or exceed the standard of the academy’s work