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Welcome to National Apprenticeship Week with the Civil Service Fast Track

Civil Service apprenticeships: opening the doors to new opportunities!

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week and the Civil Service Fast Track apprenticeship programme is open for applications.

‘Five doors’ to a Civil Service apprenticeship

We’ll be releasing the first three of our series of ‘Five doors’ videos to give you an idea of the exciting opportunities and work-life balance that a career in the Civil Service can offer to school leavers across the country (although the programme has no upper age limit).

There’ll be a video for each of our five schemes: business, finance, commercial, project delivery and digital and technology.

We’ll be at a number of high-profile job shows this week, including the National Apprenticeship Show and the Bristol higher education exhibition on 14 and 15 March – so drop by and learn more about the Fast Track and the chances to earn, learn and succeed that it offers you.

Great Apprentice Takeover

This week a number of our apprentices will be battling it out in the Great Apprentice Takeover – an exciting competition which is promoting the Fast Track through a series of three challenges.

  • Keep It Street – our apprentices will be designing groovy Fast Track hoodies

  • Keep It Local – the apprentices will be arranging high-profile local recruitment events

  • Keep It Social – on this challenge the apprentices will be creating diverse and engaging social media content about our apprenticeship programme

We’ll be keeping you updated on the teams’ activity via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’re also launching the ‘Prentice Pets Challenge – apprentices will be sending in pictures of their furry friends and we’ll be posting them on Facebook. We’ll be announcing the winner (the pet with the most likes) on Thursday.

We’ve got lots more in store, so keep checking back with us throughout the week!

Published 14 March 2016