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Welcome to the second week of Fast Track fortnight

More news on Fast Track fortnight and information about the Fast Track apprenticeship programme – open until 18 April 2016.

Apprentices in meeting

Great Apprentice Takeover

We’ll soon be announcing the winning team of the Great Apprentice Takeover. Last week our five teams were tweeting, posting, leafleting and running events across the country to tell people about the fantastic opportunities available on the Fast Track apprenticeship programme.

Our teams contacted and gave presentations in job centres, Government buildings (because the Fast Track is open to applications from current Civil Servants too), over 200 schools and colleges, a bowling club and even a speed dating session!

We’ll be announcing the winners of the Takeover soon, as well as publishing the collateral and Fast Track hoodie designs that they put together.

’Prentice Pets Challenge

We set our apprentices a challenge to send in pictures of their furry friends and we posted them on Facebook.

We’ve now announced our successful winner!

Thank you to all our apprentices who sent us their pictures, and thanks to everyone who placed their votes.

‘Five doors’ to a Civil Service apprenticeship

We’ll be releasing more videos from our ‘Five doors’ series to give you an idea of the exciting opportunities and work-life balance that a career in the Civil Service can offer to school leavers across the country (although the programme has no upper age limit). You can check out Busola and Lizelle’s stories below.

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Open for applications until 18 April 2016

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You can register your interest, if you’re not yet ready to apply.

Published 22 March 2016