News story

Warning: fraudulent invoices

We are aware fraudulent European Patent Office and Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market invoices are being sent to UK based companies and individuals.

Misleading invoices

These invoices are almost identical to the real thing; it is only the bank account details that are different.

If you have received an invoice identical to the example we have provided please will you report it to Action Fraud, separately, using this online reporting tool

Action Fraud is the online reporting portal for all instances of fraud affecting UK citizens and businesses and it is operated by the City of London Police who are the UK lead Force for the investigation of fraud. Reports are collated and analysed by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and depending on a scoring matrix together with an assessment of available evidence, they can be sent to an individual police force for investigation.

The NFIB also send out industry alerts when new methods or techniques to defraud companies are identified.

Whilst we cannot guarantee a response by law enforcement it would be helpful if you kept both the invoice and accompanying envelope in a plastic sleeve and handle it as little as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Published 10 December 2014