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UKube-1 update

Spacecraft continues to be healthy, with batteries and solar panels in great shape. Its attitude has stabilised so it is spinning slowly.


Artist's impression of UKube-1. Credit: ClydeSpace.

We have tested the FUNcube-2 educational payload and have been able to run it at high power, which makes it easier for schools to capture data with a small aerial.

We have commanded UKube-1 and have received housekeeping data from it. However we are experiencing operational anomalies with the primary communications link; this isn’t working as well as intended and is preventing normal operations for payload commissioning at present. We have an agreed way forward to use the backup and this is being implemented now, using a different configuration with the FunCube transceiver as the downlink. This is with a view to stabilising the platform within the next few weeks, and will allow payload commissioning to begin as soon as possible.

Published 26 August 2014