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UK Prime Minister's Trade Envoy Adam Afriyie, MP visits Ghana

Adam Afriyie, UK Trade Envoy will be attending the inauguration of Ghana's President elect as well as promote existing trade relations.

Adam Afriyie

On behalf of Her Majesty’s government, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Ghana Adam Afriyie will attend the Inauguration of the Republic of Ghana’s President- elect Nana Akufo- Addo on January 7th 2017.

His visit will strengthen and promote the existing trade relations between the two countries – putting partnership at the center of bilateral relations.

Alongside meeting key members of the incoming administration, he will see members of the newly founded UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC), leading businesses in Ghana, and infrastructure experts to discuss how the UK can support Ghana to achieve its infrastructure development goals. Ghana is the UK’s fourth largest export market in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2015 bilateral trade of goods and services totalled £1.082 billion. To help accelerate economic growth, Ghana aims to attract more foreign investment. The UK is supporting this: through our UK in Ghana agenda, the UK’s overarching aim is to support economic and business reform to drive growth in Ghana. British businesses see Ghana as a valuable investment base in West Africa and many flagship UK companies are flourishing in Ghana, operating across multiple sectors.

During his five day visit (5th-9th January) Mr Afriyie will chair discussions focused on a deeper partnership centres on “UK expertise and Ghanaian capability”. The visit will help foster an even stronger relationship with the business community in Ghana. The UK is a global center of excellence in many areas including: architecture: digital technologies and professional services such as cyber security; fintech and general consultancy services; academia; healthcare; renewable energy; and Oil and Gas and mining supply chain.

Ghanaian domestic businesses who partner with UK businesses stand to benefit from skills and technology transfer, economies of scale and access to innovative technologies. As the new Ghanaian Government takes office, the UK aims to continue to be a crucial partner in advancing economic development in Ghana. Healthy businesses bring vital investment, create jobs and contribute to Ghana’s tax base, which can better enable the government to deliver essential public services.

Note to editors

UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

Established in 2016, the UK - Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) was launched to facilitate and promote the ever increasing need for collaboration between SME’s and large multi-national corporations operating in the UK and Ghana. The UKGCC aims to act as a unique resource and robust organisation made up of local experts and professionals that will be the voice for British Businesses looking to access and engage with the Ghanaian market whilst providing assistance to Ghanaian companies investing in the UK. At the heart of the UKGCC we champion the idea of partnerships and enhancing professional relationships between the UK and Ghana with a strong focus on increasing bilateral trade between the two nations. The UKGCC provides exceptional support for its members through the sharing of knowledge and ideas whilst hosting various activities designed to build stronger networks that will connect business and create further opportunities.

Published 5 January 2017