Press release

Trade taskforce launched to increase UK business competitive advantage

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP boosts British business with new trade taskforce to drive the government’s Global Britain trade agenda.


Businesses to receive support to develop trade links around the world from a new taskforce. The newly appointed HM Trade Commissioner network will support the board’s advisers acting as a bridge to business in their regions, ensuring UK companies have a competitive advantage by providing support and local market knowledge.

Speaking in Coventry today (Thursday 6 September), Dr Liam Fox will launch the new taskforce to accelerate the government’s Global Britain agenda, building on the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Africa.

The taskforce, part of the Board of Trade, will seek to guarantee the UK’s status as a prominent champion of free trade, leading the world in the way the UK partners with developing countries to alleviate poverty, support development and deliver jobs, growth and prosperity.

The taskforce will meet throughout the year and will be supported by HM Trade Commissioners across the world.

International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade Dr Liam Fox MP said:

Championing free trade and supporting developing nations through trade is in the UK’s interest. The prosperity created by free trade is the basis for social stability, which in turn provides the political stability which underpins our global security.

Prosperity, stability and global security are the prizes for a strong, rules-based international trading system, and that is what the UK seeks to create.

My international economic department is working hard to drive the Global Britain agenda, and this taskforce will ensure the Board of Trade makes a real impact around the world.

Published 6 September 2018