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Themes and quizzes for National Apprenticeship Week 2016

Test your knowledge of apprenticeships using our mini themed quizzes, you may even find out something surprising!

an apprenticeship can take you anywhere

During National Apprenticeship Week (14 to 18 March 2016) we will be highlighting this year’s theme, “An apprenticeship can take you anywhere”, with a particular focus on higher skills to show how young people, entrepreneurs and businesses can “rise to the top” through traineeships and apprenticeships.

Hundreds of events will be taking place across the country to spread the word about the benefits of apprenticeships for young people, employers and the economy.

National Apprenticeship Week is a great opportunity for both employers and their apprentices to step into the spotlight and help us show how, with an apprenticeship, you can rise to the top.

Throughout the week we will also be using facts and statistics about apprenticeships to bring the week alive and hopefully do a bit of myth-busting along the way. Why not test your knowledge of apprenticeships on one or all five of our mini quizzes?

The quizzes are themed: Air, Sea, Land, Space and Underground. You may find your existing understanding of apprenticeships challenged, and even find out something surprising!

Find out more and encourage key partners to download toolkits and get involved in National Apprenticeship Week 2016.

Published 8 March 2016