Press release

The Parole Board faces up to new challenges

Parole Board CEO Martin Jones blogs about the challenges the Parole Board face going forward

Martin Jones

Martin Jones, Parole Board CEO, has written a blog on the challenges the organisation will face to meet their objectives in 2017/18 and beyond .

He said: “2017-18 represents the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Parole Board. Those fifty years has seen fundamental changes and many improvements in the way our system works, it has also brought enormous new challenges.”

You can access the full blog here.

The blog discusses issues linked to the objectives set out in the Parole Board Strategy 2016-2020 and how they can be managed, including:

  • the rise in the number of oral hearings
  • the Board’s strategy on IPP sentenced prisoners
  • the increase of people recalled to prison
  • the balance between fairness to victims and prisoners

Martin’s blog is a guest contribution for Russell Webster’s blogging site that Russell started in 2011 to “stimulate debate around the rapid changes in the way we deliver public services.”

Published 12 July 2017