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Stockport M60 repairs on the way

Drivers using the M60 through Stockport in Greater Manchester are being assured the Highways Agency is on the case with maintenance and repairs.


Sections of the motorway recently benefited from a £1.4m resurfacing and maintenance project between junctions 25 and 27. And now the Highways Agency’s north west regional director Alan Shepherd is reassuring motorway users that work is also planned further west between junction 1 and junction 27.

Outlining plans for temporary repairs within the next two months as well as longer term plans for resurfacing, Mr Shepherd said:

We have recently carried out a routine inspection of drainage in the area and found some to be silted and we are working right now to ensure all drains in this section of the motorway will be cleared as quickly as possible.

We have also carried out a routine inspection of the carriageway here and believe it will need resurfacing in the not too distant future. Our contractors have been asked to look at planning for that. In the meantime, we will be carrying out some temporary resurfacing within the next two months.

We are also aware some drivers have expressed concern about the condition of the sandstone rockface overlooking this section of the M60. This was last inspected in 2011 as part of a five year inspection cycle and, despite the appearance of the rockface, there are currently no structural or safety issues associated with it such as crumbling rocks falling onto the carriageway. Needless to say, we will continue to monitor conditions during our daily maintenance inspections of the route.

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Published 23 May 2014