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SSAC email addresses are changing

SSAC email addresses are changing from 31 March 2019.

SSAC email addresses are changing

The GSI (Government Secure Intranet) network is being phased out across government. As part of this change, ‘.gsi’ will be removed from Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) email addresses by 31 March 2019.

I use email to contact SSAC – what do I need to do?

From 31 March 2019 if you use any existing SSAC email addresses, you will need to change these from:




The new addresses will be active by 31 March 2019 – please do not use them before this date. Until then you may still receive emails from SSAC’s ‘.gsi’ email addresses.

Ensure you update any records that contain SSAC email addresses from 31 March 2019. These may include directories, web applications or forms.

What will happen if you don’t make the change?

Any messages sent to a SSAC ‘.gsi’ address after 31 March 2019 will continue to work for a limited period of time to help with a smooth transition. You will however receive an automated email response asking you to use the new address.


If you have any questions about this change, or need more information email us at

Published 20 February 2019