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Sellafield travel scheme success

New changes unveiled after improvements reduce traffic.

Local traffic on the A595 heading towards Sellafield
New changes unveiled after improvements reduce traffic.

A new travel programme at Sellafield has resulted in 500 fewer cars using site car parks.

Sellafield Ltd introduced a raft of new travel to work options in February this year.

These included park and ride bus services and direct commuter coaches.

Estimates have indicated that since then traffic accessing the site has reduced by 500 vehicles a day. Building on that success, the company is launching the next phase of its travel improvements on Monday, 23 July 2018.

These include:

  • a requirement for vehicles entering the site to have 3 or more occupants
  • minimum occupancy of 2 people or more for vehicles using the off-site Yottenfews car park
  • a new car sharing database

The measures supplement existing park and ride schemes in:

  • Workington,
  • Cockermouth
  • Whitehaven
  • Egremont
  • Gosforth

This also includes direct coaches from north and south of the Sellafield site.

A shuttle service between satellite offices and the main site runs every 15 minutes.

Steve Bostock, Sellafield Ltd site director said:

I want to thank everyone who has embraced these changes.

These changes are necessary for us to deliver our mission of making Sellafield safer, sooner.

To clear space for future decommissioning projects, we needed to remove 1,300 parking spots on the site.

We’re doing it in phases to give people time to adjust and to ensure we balance the needs of the business.

I’m delighted at the success so far. We’re already seeing genuine benefits for people who work on the site and the local community.

Recorded benefits so far:

  • 500 fewer cars using on-site car parks
  • 300 fewer cars a day using the off-site Yottenfews car park, compared with June 2017
  • 9,500 journeys on the direct commuter coaches in June 2018 alone
  • 120 people a day using the Gosforth park and ride and commuter routes

For more information contact Ruth Hutchison: +44 (0)19467 86227,

Published 20 July 2018