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Scottish Secretary calls for clarity over excise duty demands

Michael Moore said the Scottish Government's call for the devolution of Excise Duty was "full of contradictions".

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

The Scottish Secretary Michael Moore is seeking urgent clarification from the Scottish Government on whether it wants Holyrood to have control over Excise Duty or control over the revenue it raises.

Moore said the paper produced by the Scottish Government was full of contradictions.  In places it talks of  “devolution of revenues” and in others it refers to  “devolving alcohol duties”. The news release calls for the revenues to be devolved while the draft amendment in Annex A would actually devolve the power over excise duties on alcohol.

Michael Moore said:

“This is very frustrating. We have been waiting for months for detailed evidence and when we finally get it we are left wondering what they are actually asking for.  Are they asking for the power over alcohol duties or are they just asking for the cash? The paper is full of contradictions and differs from the press release and the draft amendment.

“The First Minister was clear in May that he wanted control of the taxes. I now need urgent clarification from the Scottish Government if they have shifted their position. We will be getting in touch with them straight away.

“When it comes to tax powers the position of Scottish Government Ministers gets more confusing by the minute.

“Meanwhile, the hard work on delivering the largest ever transfer of financial powers to the Scottish Parliament continues at the UK Government. The Scotland Bill will make devolution stronger than ever before .”

Published 6 October 2011