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Scotland independence referendum: UK government launches YouDecide

A user-friendly online tool to help people easily find information about the benefits of being part of the UK has been launched today by the UK government.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

YouDecide website allows people in Scotland to select information about their work, home and family life, and find out how being part of the UK benefits them.

The tool helps people navigate the Scottish referendum debate, breaking down complex issues and making them relevant to individual circumstances.

Use the YouDecide online tool to find out more about the benefits of being in the UK.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

People will be making a very important decision on 18 September – whether to stay in the UK where we have the best of both worlds or leaving the UK forever. This is an irreversible decision that will affect our children and our grandchildren so it is essential that people understand the facts.

This tool is easy to use and can be accessed on mobile, tablet or PC. All people need to do is plug in their circumstances to find out how being part of the UK benefits them.

Relevant examples demonstrate the benefits of staying in the UK. For example, for the average home owner with a 75 per cent loan to value mortgage, staying in the UK is likely to save up to £1,700 on mortgage repayments in the first year alone – and will save up to £189 a year on an average household energy bill.

As well as providing information based on someone’s personal circumstances, YouDecide also allows people to submit questions on Scottish referendum issues.

The information on YouDecide is informed by HM Treasury’s Scotland analysis programme and UK government policy and follows on from our ‘In the know’ factsheets series and booklet: ‘What staying in the United Kingdom means for Scotland’. It is designed to make people as fully informed as possible ahead of making such an historic and monumental decision.

Together as England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland we have created one of the world’s most successful unions. The UK government wants to see Scotland remain part of the UK because we believe that as a united kingdom we have much more to share and much more to gain.

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Published 18 July 2014