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Rising star leading the UK's fusion research

Following appointment by Universities and Science Minister, Jo Johnson, UKAEA's new CEO Professor Ian Chapman hits the ground running.

New CEO, Professor Ian Chapman
New CEO, Professor Ian Chapman

At 34 years old, Professor Ian Chapman is one of the youngest CEOs of a major research centre and already has over 110 papers to his name.

His first working day as CEO started with a presentation to UKAEA’s external advisory board, chaired by Jerome Pamela, former Director at Agence ITER France.

Ian’s long-term focus is crystal clear, as outlined at presentations to UKAEA staff last Friday:

We must deliver fusion; it will be an essential part of the portfolio of energy sources that the world will need as the global population continues to expand and develop. Delivering fusion is undoubtedly a big challenge, but one that mankind must overcome, and the work we are doing at Culham is at the international forefront of tackling this challenge.

More information on UKAEA’s mission and corporate goals can be found in a new booklet.

Professor Steve Cowley has departed to become President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. During his tenure he has secured funding for MAST Upgrade, the largest physics facility being built in the UK this decade; brought about two new high technology facilities at Culham - the Materials Research Facility and the RACE robotics centre; and seen the launch of the new Oxford Advanced Skills apprentice training facility.

Far from leaving fusion, he looks forward to continuing his plasma physics research interests.

Published 5 October 2016