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Regional roundtables to help SMEs get government contracts begin

The first of our regional roundtables will take place in Birmingham to provide SMEs with the advice they need to become government suppliers.

A group of men and women having a roundtable discussion

KPMG in Queensway Birmingham is the venue for our first regional roadshow, taking place 25 August, 10am to 11am.

The event will be open to all Birmingham based small businesses that are eager to become government suppliers. The discussion will be hosted by entrepreneur and government’s Small Business Crown Representative, Emma Jones, MBE.

The meeting will help you to:

  • understand more about selling to the public sector

  • share your own experience of selling to the public sector

  • pick up what works and what doesn’t when applying for government business

This a fully subsidised event, however, it is first come first served and tickets are limited so please register as soon as you can.

Published 11 August 2016