Press release

Queen's Speech

A brighter future for Scotland outside the EU, strengthening the Union, tackling climate change and bringing COP26 to Glasgow.


Legislation in the Queen’s Speech will allow us to get Brexit done, leave the EU on 31 January, and forge a bright future for Scotland and the rest of the UK, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said today [19 December 2019].

Mr Jack was speaking after Her Majesty The Queen had delivered a speech which set out the UK Government’s ambitious and optimistic legislative agenda for the coming Parliamentary session.

The Scottish Secretary said:

Legislation outlined in the Queen’s Speech will mean we can finally get Brexit done, leave the EU on 31 January and forge a bright future for Scotland and the rest of the UK. We will take back control of our fishing waters, introduce a modern, fairer points-based immigration system. We will free our farmers from the bureaucratic Common Agricultural Policy, and move to a system that works for them. We will put the arguments and uncertainty behind us, agree the Prime Minister’s deal, and go on to strike ambitious trade deals around the world.

Today, the Prime Minister has once again made clear his unwavering commitment to strengthening the Union and bringing all parts of our country together. People in Scotland are fed up with constant political wrangling and wasteful debate. That is why we will not support the First Minister’s plans for another unwanted referendum on separation.

We will also take steps to improve the environment and keep the UK at the forefront of tackling climate change. The UK Government is bringing world leaders to Glasgow for the COP26 conference next year. It will showcase our advanced renewable sector, give a huge boost to the local economy and have a lasting legacy for our global environment.

Published 19 December 2019