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Press Notice: Bringing Daesh to Justice

Jeremy Wright QC MP is in New York to support a campaign to bring Daesh terrorists to justice

Jeremy Wright QC MP

The Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP is in New York to support a campaign to bring Daesh terrorists to justice – and to remind the world that UK legal services are very much open for business post Brexit.

The Attorney will meet with United Nations officials to discuss his role in domestic prosecutions of Daesh and its followers, and to reiterate the importance of gathering and preserving evidence to enhance global accountability efforts against terrorism.

He will tell delegates at the United Nations that the UK has successfully prosecuted 71 offenders for terrorist acts which relate to the conflict in Syria and Iraq – and this is set to rise.

The Attorney General said:

“Terrorism is a global threat that requires a co-ordinated international approach. The international community has united to defeat these organisations and we’ve already seen many successful prosecutions here in the UK.

“By working together to investigate international terror crimes we can make sure terrorists are brought to account for the crimes they commit – even when the offences have taken place in other countries.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has already brought a significant number of prosecutions against members of Daesh and its followers. The Attorney has overall responsibility on the international rule of law. He also superintends the CPS and takes decisions on whether domestic prosecutions can be brought for terrorism offences which have taken place abroad or concern the affairs of another country.

Plans to extend the Unduly Lenient Sentences (ULS) scheme to apply to terror-related offences not currently covered, will also mean extremists could be locked up for longer. The ULS scheme allows the Attorney to press for lenient sentences to be reviewed and sentences reassessed.

The Attorney will also meet with law firms where he will confirm that Britain’s legal services sector remains internationally competitive. The Attorney will reiterate the fact that the UK is and will remain a world leader in the provision of legal services.

The UK’s position as a world class global dispute resolution centre, and the popularity of English law - some 27% of the world’s 320 legal jurisdictions use English common law – help attract overseas investment into the UK.

The Attorney General said:

“Britain’s legal services remain internationally competitive and are very much open for business. We have the most open and trusted legal system in the world which contributed £25.7bn to the UK economy last year, among other reasons because our judiciary has a reputation for excellence, incorruptibility, objectivity and independence.

“Justice will form a key part of the Brexit negotiations and I am keen to engage with the legal services industry to address any concerns.”

Published 15 December 2016