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Plans afoot to improve community security in Beirut

Refurbishment works ongoing in two police stations: Rouche and Ramlet el Bayda. Once Done they will enhance the level of confidence and consent for the Police

Ambassador Shorter and General Othman at the police stations in Beirut

On their first joint tour, Ambassador Hugo Shorter and Director General of ISF General Imad Othman saw the progress made on the roll out of the Community Policing project to Rouche and Ramlet el Bayda Police Stations and First territorial Company headquarters.

Within the framework of the £13million MOU agreed between the ISF and the British embassy in June 2016, the visit was an opportunity to check on work at two police stations that will extend the new policing concept pioneered at Ras Beirut police station. The ISF Community Policing Model delivered at Ras Beirut Police Station has delivered a drop of 50% in crime and higher levels of engagement between the community and the local ISF. Delivered through design, procedural and cultural improvements to the stations, the Community Policing Model brings transformative improvements in overall professionalism, integrity and respect of Human Rights.

Refurbishment works are ongoing in Rouche and Ramlet el Bayda buildings. Once finished, these new police stations will enhance the level of confidence, consent and legitimacy for the ISF in Beirut. By mid 2018, the ISF Community Policing Model will have been rolled out to one third of Beirut, including Ashrafieh Police Station that is being refurbished by the United States.

After the visit Ambassador shorter said:

Our investment in the Internal Security Forces is well placed. Around the world, citizens look to their police forces for professionalism, compassion, and trust that reflects people’s needs. Today’s visit with DG Othman is another affirmation of our commitment to Lebanon’s stability and security and to our trust in the leadership of the ISF to transform its police force to reflect the true image of Lebanon.

Published 27 November 2017