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Low Pay Commission visits programme 2018

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) will be visiting areas across the UK to gather evidence on the National Minimum Wage rates and low pay.

Map of LPC 2018 visits
Date Location
25-26 April Kendal and South Lakeland
23-24 May Barnstaple and North Devon
13-14 June Newry, Northern Ireland
13-14 June Perth, Scotland
4-5 July Anglesey, Wales
8-9 August Birmingham

The LPC organises an annual programme of visits to gather evidence in support of our recommendations to government. The visits are attended by members of our Commission and Secretariat. We want to hear first hand evidence from employers, workers and anyone else with a view on the National Living and Minimum Wage rates and their effects.

We can host meetings in the locations we visit, but it is also extremely useful for us to visit businesses and workers at their place of work to see the effects of the minimum wage ‘on the ground’. So, we would be delighted if you would like to host us and show us around your business, or arrange for us to meet workers.

For more information on why we have chosen these visit locations, read our blog.

The Low Pay Commission’s purpose is to provide advice to the Government on the rates of the National Living Wage and the other National Minimum Wages, as well as other related issues.

Click the link at the top of the page to email and arrange a meeting with LPC Commissioners, or call on 020 7215 8772.

All the minimum wage rates will increase on 1 April - see table below for rates.

National Minimum Wage rates

Minimum Wage rate Current rate (hourly) Rate from 1 April 2018
National Living Wage £7.50 £7.83
21-24 Year Old Rate £7.05 £7.38
18-20 Year Old Rate £5.60 £5.90
16-17 Year Old Rate £4.05 £4.20
Apprentice Rate £3.50 £3.70
Accommodation offset £6.40 £7.00

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Published 28 February 2018