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LLWR launching campaign to highlight equality, diversity and inclusivity issues in workplace

Tackling bullying and mental health issues will be a number one priority in LLW Repository Ltd's campaign.

State of Mind presenters at Drigg Village Hall event

Phil Veivers, left, and Ian Smith discuss mental health issues

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (ED&I) message is being embraced by LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) with a series of initiatives planned to run alongside a new NDA campaign to increase awareness of the issue.

LLWR is launching an anti-bullying campaign in addition to highlighting mental health issues, and an employee focus group has been formed to provide feedback on progress.

The organisation has appointed its first Carers Champion to advise those who double up as carers for family or friends, and ran a State of Mind day, utilising former stars of rugby league, focused on mental health matters.

“We’ve got off to a strong start and have drawn up an action plan to guide the campaign, but there is much still to do,” said Dave Rossiter, LLWR’s ED&I Champion.

“ED&I is about making all our people feel included, giving them equality of opportunity and contributing to an adaptive and improving working environment.

“We will utilise all the tools at our disposal to ensure the message gets out to our workforce. That includes our new website, social media, a fresh section on our intranet, newsletter and new digital signage installed in March to keep everyone up to date with developments.

“We are in this for the long haul and will have further announcements soon on additional workplace initiatives.”

The NDA last year carried out a survey on ED&I attitudes across the estate and a follow up later this year will assess progress.

Sharon Langan, HR Manager, said: “We don’t see this as a one year campaign, it’s an ongoing issue.

“We are launching the ED&I campaign with posters, lanyards and new mugs for everyone printed with the ED&I logo so that our people get familiar with it and understand what it stands for.

“There will be a series of posters being displayed over the next two months across the company to address what ED&I is and what it means for everyone.

“Our bullying and harassment campaign will follow on from this. We will also be looking at mental health during this period and ways in which we can help people talk more openly about their issues.”

Published 3 May 2018