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Landmark 1,000th waste shipment achieved in record time

Soaring figures highlight LLWR's success in diverting waste from the Repository Site.

Workers prepare to offload Very Low Level Waste (VLLW) at licensed lanfill site.

Very Low Level Waste (VLLW) being disposed of at an appropriately licensed commercial hazardous waste landfill.

LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) has facilitated its 1,000th shipment of waste around the UK and overseas for the year in record time.

The landmark figure has been achieved in quarter 3 of the financial year and marks a 30% increase on last year’s record-breaking total at the same point in the calendar.

The increased pace of low level waste shipments is testament to LLWR’s success in treating or diverting waste away from disposal at the LLW Repository in Cumbria.

Dave Rossiter, Head of Waste Management Services at LLWR, said: “We are diverting increasing amounts of waste, using road and rail, utilising a range of treatment, recycling and alternative disposal routes, such as appropriately licensed commercial hazardous waste landfill sites.

“It’s ensuring that our people are busier than ever, arranging transports, but they are certainly up for the challenge.

“Around 5% of low level waste is now disposed of at the Repository, down from 95% a decade ago, and that means we are preserving valuable capacity, removing the requirement for a second Repository, at a projected cost to the taxpayer of over £2 billion.”

Published 18 January 2019