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Honours for Falklands friends

Two recipients of Queen's Certificate and Badge of Honour 2015

Government House
Government House

His Excellency The Governor is pleased to announce two Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour awards for 2015.

Executive Council approved the nominations for Mr Antonio Cordeiro Otero and Mr Colin Wright in recognition of their respective loyalty and meritorious conduct, providing services of exceptional benefit to the people of the Falklands.

Mr Cordeiro, who first arrived in the Islands in the mid 1980s and recently retired to his native Spain, worked in the Falklands as representative of the Spanish Fishing Association, Anamer. The Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour recognises his personal contribution to the long and harmonious relationship which has developed between the Falkland Islands and the Spanish fishing industry over the past thirty years.

Mr Wright served as the Honourary Secretary of the Falkland Islands Association in a voluntary capacity from 2005, standing down this year for health reasons. He was a crucial member of the Association, which works to support Falkland Islanders’ right to self-determination.

Planning is now underway for Mr Cordeiro and Mr Wright to be presented with their awards in their respective home countries.

Published 14 August 2015