Press release

High Wycombe men have sentences increased for stabbing death

Court of Appeal has increased the sentence of 2 teenagers convicted of manslaughter following a ULS referral.


Two offenders who helped stab a man to death after he spent the day at the Notting Hill Carnival today had their prison sentences increased following a referral by the Attorney General.

Kaneel Huggins, 19, and Antwon Clarke, 18, were both convicted of manslaughter at Reading Crown Court in April for their roles in the stabbing death of Wa’ays Dhaye.

Dhaye, aged 18, was walking home in Slough after spending the day at Notting Hill Carnival in August 2015 when Clarke, along with a third offender Khianni Gordon, attacked him with knives. Dhaye was repeatedly stabbed and was left in the street and all offenders then left in a car driven by Huggins.

Dhaye was taken to Wexham Park Hospital with multiple stab wounds, but was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Clarke and Huggins were sentenced to 9 and 10 years’ detention respectively while Gordon was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years in custody.

The Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP referred the sentences of Clarke and Huggins to the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme, who today increased their sentences to 15 and 16 years respectively. The sentence of Gordon was not considered by the Court.

Speaking after the hearing, Attorney General said:

“These offenders knowingly participated in the plan to assault and injure Wa’ays Dhaye knowing full well that really serious harm or death could be caused.

“Knife crime is a real scourge of our society and it’s important that prison terms for this type of crime reflect the seriousness of the offending.”

Published 15 November 2016