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HCA workshop: overheating and indoor air quality - 23 June 2015

The HCA, with the ARCC Network, will be hosting a workshop on overheating and indoor air quality in Peterborough on 23 June.


The HCA, working with the Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change Network, will host a free, one day workshop for affordable housing providers and developers on how to avoid overheating and poor indoor air quality in new homes.

The event will cover:

  • overheating – what it is, the causes and the scale of the problem across social housing stock
  • impacts – particularly on health, including a focus on the relationship between overheating and poor indoor air quality
  • why overheating should be tackled – environmental health, corporate and social responsibilities, legal duties of care
  • how overheating can be tackled across an organisation – what the development, asset management and housing teams can do
  • case study examples – drawn from procurement, contractors, asset management, maintenance and resident management

The event is aimed at professionals involved in the commissioning, development and delivery of new affordable homes, including:

  • registered providers (development and asset management directors and managers, design managers, technical managers, possibly also directors of housing)
  • technical specialists (house builders and contractors, architects, building and services engineers etc)
  • local housing authorities (stock owning authorities, particularly those with new-build programmes; housing and environmental health departments)

Download presentations:

Definitions and causes of poor indoor air quality and overheating in homes. Part one - Dr Anna Mavrogianni (PDF, 4.88MB, 17 pages)

The health, comfort and energy consequences of poor indoor environmental quality for individuals and communities. Part two - Dr Anna Mavrogianni (PDF, 2.05MB, 12 pages)

Overheating in homes - Bill Gething (PDF, 1.2MB, 20 pages)

The policy context - Bob Ledsome (PDF, 313KB, 7 pages)

Indoor air quality and overheating. The causes of unintended consequences - Clive Shrubsole (PDF, 932KB, 12 pages)

Overheating the magnitude of the problem and challenges for the future - Professor Keith Jones (PDF, 1.35MB, 28 pages)

Masterclass feedback (PDF, 191KB, 3 pages)

Overheating homes. Why? Only by understanding heat can we develop ways to reject it - Mich Swainson (PDF, 1.22MB, 19 pages)

Why existing design stage tools and methodologies are not preventing overheating - Susie Diamond (PDF, 581KB, 10 pages)

The consequences of overheating for landlords - Paul Ciniglio (PDF, 1.45MB, 14 pages)

Overheating in homes - the big picture. Nicola O'Connor (PDF, 655KB, 16 pages)

Published 11 June 2015
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