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Government of Tanzania launches a nationwide scheme to improve access to water

The government of Tanzania launches a performance based financing scheme in the water sector called Payment by Results Scheme in Dodoma.

Hon. Eng. Lwenge giving a speech at the Payment by Results Scheme launch

Hon. Eng. Lwenge giving a speech at the Payment by Results Scheme launch

The government of Tanzania in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), has launched a performance based financing scheme in the water sector worth Tsh. 200 billion (£ 78 million) on January 30th, 2017.

The scheme targets local government authorities in the country and provides them with additional funding for improvements in service provision and in the maintenance of water infrastructure. By doing this, the government aims to ensure there is greater focus on effective maintenance of water infrastructures and hence improve sustainability of rural water supply.

Some of the beneficiaries of the scheme in 2017 include Wanging’ombe (Iringa), Makete (Iringa), Maswa (Shinyanga). These districts are among 57 eligible districts that met the qualification criteria which includes; a functioning water and sanitation team, a credible water and sanitation plan, and report timely and accurate data on water points.

The launch event was officiated by Hon. Gerson Lwenge (MP), the Minister for Water and Irrigation and Hon. George Simbachawene (MP) the Minister of State in President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government. The ministers were accompanied by Mr. Thomas Allan, Deputy Head of UK DFID Tanzania. Speaking during the launch event, Hon. Gerson Lwenge (MP) expressed his gratitude to the UK government and stressed on the innovative nature of the scheme.

Gerson Lwenge said:

This scheme is one of the very few innovative programmes and complements government’s aim to provide 85% rural population with sustainable access to clean and safe water by 2020.

Stressing on the importance of the scheme, Hon. George Simbachawene said:

I instruct all District Executive Directors to ensure their districts qualify for next round. It is your responsibility to ensure District Water Engineers and Technicians report accurately and timely on the status of water points in their districts. If done well, this will enhance accountability in planning, budgeting and decision making on improving and sustaining water service provision in your districts.

The UK government is committed to increase access to improved water and sanitation to approximately 2.1 million rural Tanzanians.

Published 31 January 2017