Government response

Free-flow charging technology at Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing

Response to the Daily Telegraph on a news story about free-flow charging technology at the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing.


Dear Sir

It is simply not true to suggest that the Highways Agency’s project to introduce free-flow technology to collect the road user charge at the Dartford – Thurrock River Crossing is an automatic precursor to wider tolling on existing roads (Range of new toll roads planned, Daily Telegraph, 10 November 2012).

The proposals for free-flow charging are about improving congestion where charges or tolls already exist, like Dartford. They are not about introducing new tolls on existing roads on the network.

The Government has made a clear commitment not to toll existing road capacity and there are no plans to change this position.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Turner

NDD Board Director & Deputy Chief Executive

Published 12 November 2012