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European Commission seeks views on the EU Satellite and Cable Directive

On 24 August the European Commission launched a public consultation on the review of the EU Satellite and Cable Directive (93/83/EEC).


The following text is taken from the Commission’s website:

“The Commission is consulting on Directive 93/83/EEC of 27 September 1993 on the coordination of certain rules concerning copyright and rights related to copyright applicable to satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission, first to gather input for the evaluation process in order to assess the current rules, and, second, to seek views on a possible extension of the Directive in light of market and technological developments, with the objective of contributing to the Digital Single Market Strategy.”

The consultation document and press release are available on the Commission’s website.

The deadline for responses is the 16 November 2015. The consultation is likely to be of interest to broadcasters and online service providers, audiovisual copyright owners and creators, and viewers of audiovisual media.

If the issues raised by this consultation are relevant to you or your organisation we would encourage you to respond. You should send your response directly to the Commission but if you have any views you would like to share with the IPO, including your completed response, please contact

Published 28 August 2015