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Enhancements to designs services

From the 5 September 2016 the following changes will be made to the existing design services.

IPO sign

New style Journal

Our existing Journal showcases registered designs and is updated every 3 weeks.

Checking the designs journal

Our customers have requested prompt publication of their registered designs and in response to demand we have designed a new style Journal that does exactly that; displays designs that were registered 24 hours previously.

Other changes include being able to select to view registered designs for a specific year and month.

View the designs journal

Please note:

If you have bookmarked any links to the current Journal you will be redirected to the new style Journal from 5 September 2016.

New style search by design number

We have made significant changes to the existing search page following customer feedback.

We have removed the option to search via a proprietor or Locarno and users choosing to search via these options will be directed to the EUIPO search service DesignView. In addition to doing an advanced search of UK registrations, DesignView allows customers to search EU and worldwide offices.

Our new style search service allows you to search using a design number only.

Find a registered design

Once you enter a design number a new ‘case details’ page will be displayed.

Registered design

Please note:

If you have bookmarked any of the existing search pages you will be redirected to the following:

  • search by number - new style search page
  • search by proprietor - DesignView
  • search by Locarno - DesignView
Published 18 August 2016