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Enforcement Landscape Review: tender specification

The IPO is inviting fresh bids for research into the effectiveness of the UK’s enforcement framework.


The Intellectual Property framework provides a number of different protections and remedies for creators and rights holders. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is commissioning research which aims to construct a snapshot of the current UK enforcement framework for each IP right. It is important for rights holders to have the necessary means to protect their IP and this is reflected in the commitment made in the IPO’s Enforcement Strategy

The IPO is inviting fresh bids for this research into the effectiveness of the UK’s enforcement framework. The research has been split into two distinct parts:

  • part A will focus on developing evaluation criteria to assess the processes needed to enforce IP rights and the consequences of infringement
  • depending on the outcome of part A, part B, if taken forward, will focus on identifying recommendations for changing the enforcement framework

As such, the IPO is inviting bids from stakeholders interested in undertaking part A only at this stage. The decision to proceed with part B of the research will be taken after the results from part A have been considered.

An open meeting to discuss the research tender will be held at the IPO London Office on 5 July at 2pm. Teleconference facilities will also be available. If you are interested in attending please contact by close on 3 July.

The deadline for receiving completed bids is 5pm on Wednesday 26 July. If you have any questions or wish to receive the tender document please contact

Published 14 June 2017
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