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Dodoma city development tops agenda of UK Trade Envoy’s visit to Tanzania

UK Trade envoy visits Tanzania.

Lord Clive Hollick's visit to Tanzania

Lord Clive Hollick's visit to Tanzania

The British Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Tanzania, Lord Clive Hollick will visit Tanzania from 2nd to 4th of October, 2017. As part of his visit, Lord Hollick will travel to Dodoma with specialist UK Companies and meet with local leaders to further understand the Governments of Tanzania’s plans for Dodoma.

The UK wants to assist in the realisation of Tanzania’s vision for Dodoma and through partnership help deliver high-quality solutions for Dodoma’s expansion.

Lord Hollick’s visit comes during the Government of Tanzania’s move to Dodoma which has seen an increase in population in the country’s capital city and has necessitated a re-evaluation of key infrastructure needs to provide for the rapid increase in the number of people.

Lord Hollick will also hold meetings with the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Finance and Planning, local business leaders and British investors in Tanzania.

Published 3 October 2017