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DIT Greece supports event on the future of banking

The event, which took place in Athens on Tuesday 13 December 2016, aimed at helping investors and customers regain confidence in the system.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) in association with the Department for International Trade (DIT) Greece and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL) organised the event which was entitled the “Future of Banking: Rebuilding trust, transparency and technology.”

Rebuilding trust in the banking system following the financial crisis remains a high priority and there are significant new regulations, reporting requirements and evolving technology aimed at helping investors and customers regain confidence in the system. The event aimed to highlight ICAEW’s work in this area and bring together a panel of experts to discuss developments and share their views on the future of banking, both in Greece and internationally.

It also served to promote the UK’s financial and accounting expertise within the framework of the restructuring taking place following the financial crisis.

ICAEW is an international body headquartered in London, and is committed to helping create a world of strong economies through supporting strong local and national accountancy bodies. ICAEW and SOEL have launched an Accredited Membership Programme (AMP) which will enable students to study and qualify as Chartered Accountants and members of both SOEL and ICAEW. For further information, please contact:

The event

The opening address was made by Marios Kyriacou, ICAEW Contact Member for Greece and SOEL Vice President. The panel, which consisted of Jeremy Browne, City of London Special Representative to the EU and former UK Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sissy Papagiannidou, Director of the Banking Supervision Department, Bank of Greece, Andrew Ratcliffe, ICAEW Immediate Past President and former senior banking partner, Emil Yiannopoulos, Clients, Markets, Strategy Leader, PwC Greece, considered issues including:

  • post crisis reforms from capital to conduct
  • the increasing role of technology in banking, both for business efficiency and connecting with customers and the case for fintech
  • the changing reporting landscape
  • challenges arising from ‘Brexit’

DIT Greece

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Published 23 December 2016