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David Mundell MP reappointed Secretary of State for Scotland

The Rt Hon David Mundell MP has been reappointed as Secretary of State for Scotland.

David Mundell

The Secretary of State said:

“I am delighted and honoured to have been reappointed Secretary of State for Scotland.

“The Scotland Office has a key role to play as we face the huge tasks that lie ahead of us.

“We need to secure the right Brexit deal for Scotland and the whole of the UK, and we also need focus on how we bring back powers from Brussels in a way that works best for the Scottish economy.

“We need to work closely with the Scottish Government, and to do that effectively we will need to forge a much more constructive relationship, one based not on politics and press releases but on what is best for Scotland. I’m confident that can happen. My door is open and I hope, now the election is over, we can reset the relationship between Scotland’s two governments.

“As before, my door also remains open to all those interest groups and business sectors that have a stake in Scotland’s success. I’m looking forward to working with everyone as we look to the future together.”

Published 13 June 2017