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DASA Supplier Showcase Event

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for investors and business mentors to attend a Supplier Showcase event in London on 4 December 2018.

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The aim of this event is to showcase innovations from our funded competitions to potential investors to increase the likelihood of exploitation but also to build an enduring relationship between DASA and the UK’s investor community.

Suppliers will be exhibiting their innovations, funded through DASA competitions, to try to secure further funding and support from investors for potential exploitation.

This showcase event will feature a selection of the most mature and successful projects from across DASA competitions, covering a number of technology areas.

The evening will include 5 minute pitches from the exhibitors giving a taste of what they have done. There will then be a chance to see the projects in detail as each exhibitor will provide rolling pitches at their stands, and time for further networking and relationship building.

This will be an invite only event. If you are interested in attending as a potential investor or business mentor then please register your interest here. DASA will then be in touch with formal invites for the event.

Some of the suppliers showcasing at the event are:

Supplier Project Title Description
Aleph Insights Ltd Adaptive Report Generation Assistant (ARGA) An artificially intelligent tool that creates structured data from text documents as the author writes.
Bright Structures EasiBridge – Next Generation Troop Protection, Access and Mobility Systems A man-portable, long-span rescue/assault bridge.
Createc Technologies Ltd SLATE – Crowd Monitoring and Alerts (SLATE-CMA) This system enables crowd monitoring and threat detection in public areas.
DecisionLab Prognostic Asset Condition capability using advanced machine learning for use in air, naval and other domains Machine learning anomaly detection models to calculate a system health score based on solely sensor data.
Montvieux Prediction Toolset A Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence capability that uses current and historical information to predict the change of control on the ground, in both space and time, between opposing groups fighting within an operational theatre.
Montvieux Machine Learning Analytics as a Service (MLAaaS) A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based Artificial Intelligence approach to the generation of labelled training data for use in third party imagery object detection and classification systems.
Sociedad Europea de Analisis Differencial of Movilidad SL Two-Stage Differential Mobility Analyser for the Screening of Explosives and Incendiary Devices in Cargo Development of a radically novel system for the detection of concealed explosives in air cargo by means of vapour sensing.
University College London Electromagnetic imaging for aviation security - Phase 2 Scanner for luggage/parcels based on electromagnetic imaging with atomic magnetometers, thus not involving ionising radiation.
Published 24 October 2018