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Cracking talent amongst UK's youth

Four innovative youngsters from England and Wales have been awarded national prizes in the Cracking Ideas 2012 to 2013 competition.

Wallace & Gromit present A World of Cracking Ideas

This year’s competition, run by the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace & Gromit, was literally out of this world! Entrants had to come up with a space related concept and highlight the intellectual property - a new gadget or product (patents), the visual appearance of said product (designs), a brand or logo to accompany the idea (trade marks) and any other creative elements (copyright) such as a catchy jingle.

The UK winners

Age 4-7 category

Amelia Regulski from Caerphilly and her supersonic ‘Space Suit’, built with flame blasting rocket boosters to guarantee safe space travel. With a specially designed helmet complete with Wallace & Gromit style on/off button, Amelia has covered both style and practicality.

Age 8-11 category

Sydney Davis from Bristol who created the IBIB for brilliance in ballet, on earth and in space. The ‘rocket twist tutu’ with miniature swivelling rockets creates effortless spins and twirls, whilst jet propelled ballet pumps ensures speed is not an issue.

Age 12-16 category

Dom Aly and Eddy Backhouse from Bolton who invented the WG1GYRO to propel Wallace & Gromit into space. With specially designed space suits, a roving WG Buggy complete with logos and ‘the super blaster’, Dom and Eddy have created the complete innovation package.

The worthy winners sought off tough competition from over 4,000 entrants and were each presented with an original trophy created by Nick Park’s Aardman Animation studio. They also received an animation software package and a Wallace & Gromit book signed by Nick Park.


Tom Lawton, designer and inventor said:

The variety of entries was fabulous and could only be inspired by young minds. Life in space might not be as far away as we think and the entries seem to have relished the theme of this year’s challenge.

Merlin Crossingham, Creative Director at Aardman Animations said:

Wallace and Gromit are old hands at space travel but with so many real life space adventures happening at the moment space continues to inspire everybody. This year’s entrants really reflect that the sky is not the limit!

The competition is part of the Intellectual Property Office’s Cracking Ideas campaign headed by Wallace & Gromit, which aims to encourage innovation among school children.

The 2013-14 fabulous ‘foodie’ competition is running until 30 April 2014.

Notes for editors

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  3. Cracking Ideas is a Government-backed project and uses a combination of lesson plans, activity packs, challenges and dedicated website, to encourage innovation and creativity among children aged 4 - 16 all with links to the UK curriculum

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Published 18 June 2013