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Completion of high security shipments

The White House announces completion of high security shipments.

An image of a vessel used for shipments of nuclear material

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary, in conjunction with International Nuclear Services (INS), has completed its latest shipment of nuclear materials from Belgium and Italy to the USA, for processing and secure storage.

The shipments, the second of which concluded last week, were announced at the World Nuclear Security Summit and appeared yesterday on the White House website, along with joint statements from President Obama and Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo of Belgium.

Assistant Chief Constable of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary Alan Cooper said:

The conclusion of the operations to deliver nuclear material into the custody of the United States of America, saw the Strategic Escort Group working with their direct counterpart in the United States Department of Energy.

The professionalism of the officers throughout both operations was exemplary, not only whilst at sea, but also during the transition to the land based element of the mission. The officers were a credit to the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

You can read the article on the White House website.

Published 24 March 2014