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Call for proposals to be funded under Bilateral Programme Budget

The British Embassy in Cairo is calling for proposals to be funded under its Bilateral Programme Budget (BPB) for 2016/2017

British Embassy

What is the Bilateral Programme Budget (BPB)?

BPB is the one of the funding channels through which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) supports small, targeted projects that support transformative change.

The Embassy is interested in supporting innovative proposals that work in any of the following themes:

  • Improvement of the business environment
  • Skills development/job opportunities for men and women
  • Reform and/or development of education system
  • Provision of effective support to refugees and reducing risks of migration
  • Empowerment of civil society actors
  • Participation in local councils

Proposals should take into consideration the following:

  • Be able to establish a clear and identifiable link between the activities planned and the expected results
  • Project impacts should last beyond the life of the project itself
  • Be gender sensitive
  • Aim to complete 90% of activities by the end of December 2016
  • Deliver value for money (VfM)

Project bids are evaluated and approved for funding by the Programme Board in London. The minimum size of the project proposals that are reviewed for BPB is £5,000.

Please complete the BPB Proposal Form below and email it to latest by March 27th 2016.

BPB Proposal Form

Published 7 March 2016