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BYPL partners with Sensus to implement advanced metering infrastructure solution

The agreement will enable BYPL to use FlexNet, Sensus’ advanced metering infrastructure solution in BYPL Delhi service area on trial basis.

BYPL partners with UK's Sensus to strengthen power sector
BYPL partners with UK's Sensus to strengthen power sector

BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) has signed an agreement at the India-UK Tech Summit with Sensus, a Xylem brand, and global supplier of smart meters and utility-grade communications systems. This technology trial will start in the next three to four months and will simplify installation and commissioning of the Sensus FlexNet advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution in BYPL, Delhi.

BYPL’s requirements for coverage, capacity and longer-term needs of smart grids will be met, without significant additional investment, by the Sensus FlexNet AMI solution. The FlexNet long range radio technology has exceptional penetration and reach to enable a simple and robust architecture for all applications. It will also help BYPL, Delhi to reduce power theft, data loss and improve billing and collection processes. With operations and service facilities in five continents, Sensus is a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation.

St.John Gould, Director, UK Trade and Economics, India said:

I am pleased to see the partnership between UK firm Sensus and BYPL on smart meter solutions. It is a step towards meeting India’s target of ‘power to all’. We are delighted that yet another excellent UK company is playing a role in India’s development. It is a great collaboration between India and the UK, with great potential.

Commenting on the association, Lalit Jalan, BSES Chairman said:

We are glad being part of this Indo-UK trade partnership. I am excited at this association between BYPL and Sensus. BSES has always been at the forefront of deploying cutting edge technologies like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Geographical Information System (GIS) and now Smart Grids. This collaboration will help us to further improve the value proposition by leveraging the next-level - ‘SMART’ technology for the power distribution business.

Representing Sensus at the India-UK TECH Summit, Garry Cox, Vice President, Strategic Customer Team, EMEA and Asia Pacific said:

We are delighted to have partnered with BYPL for this trial. For emerging economies like India, smart grid technologies are essential to avoid lock-in of outdated energy infrastructure, attract new investment streams, and create efficient and flexible grid systems that will be able to accommodate the rising electricity demand from customers and handle numerous power sources. This partnership is a testimony of UK-India technological collaboration. We aim towards bridging the technology gap bringing in the UK’s technological innovation thereby setting a bench-mark for the Indian market.

At present, around 32 % of Indians live in urban areas. Particular geographical conditions as per different cities and different categories of consumers being served by the distribution grid make it very challenging to deploy urban smart metering communication networks. Sensus has a unique capability and expertise to ensure the technology can optimise the asset life of meter and infrastructure without compromising the data or the analytics platforms.

Commenting on the association, BYPL, CEO, P R Kumar said:

We are thrilled to partner with Sensus for this technology demonstrator. I am sure this technology will help fulfil BYPL’ requirements for coverage, capacity and longer-term needs of smart grids without significant additional investment. This trial will provide a huge fillip to our endeavour in this direction and enable us to draw on Sensus’ wide ranging global expertise.

Further information

Sensus has recognised that India is at the leading edge of smart city rollouts with its increased adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It is this fast-paced, innovative spirit which led Sensus to recognise India as a strategic region, setting up its first global support center in Hyderabad. The support center re-affirms Sensus’ commitment and partnership with India, as a swift emerging market, to create robust, flexible, future-proof and sustainable smart energy networks. This pivotal investment will not only give India the advantage of next-generation technology, but also support national business growth. With initiatives like the National Smart Grid Mission, Sensus can play a significant role in bringing India the right solutions and technology that will be easily adaptable, helping to making data-driven decisions that reduce water leaks, limit power outages, ensure the safe delivery of natural gas and turn a streetlight into a beacon of technology.

These projects, utilising state of the art technology, are Sensus’ key areas of expertise and experience, having been successful in one of the world’s largest smart metering projects: The Great Britain Smart Metering Program-the UK government’s plan to put smart meters in millions of homes and small businesses by 2020 reported to produce economic benefits to the UK reaching £9.8 billion. Sensus’ technology is supporting the rollout of electric and gas smart meters to ten million locations in the northern region of Great Britain. Sensus is executing this rollout from its newly-established operational office in Basingstoke, whose expansion accommodates the support this exciting project requires.

For more information, please contact Sensus, a Xylem brand, Lucy Hudson, Marketing Director, EMEA & APAC.

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Published 8 November 2016